Brazil, Friendship…and Hot Men

I wonder when we talk about Dream Vacations how many people would say their dream vacation would be Hawaii. Well, I was lucky enough to live on Oahu for a year and a half, and yes, it was awesome. Some of the most beautiful weather and scenery in the world, and the people were friendly, the history and customs fascinating. I’d highly recommend it! Anyone who would like Hawaii travel tips and suggestions, shoot me a note! I’m happy to help!

My own personal Dream Vacation? I have two, and it was so hard to pick which one I’d like to write about. And what it finally boiled down to is friendship. One of my best friends lives in Brazil, and any country that would produce such a wonderful, funny and caring person is the country I’d most like to visit.

When I first met Monica, we were in a fandom together on Tumblr. Tumblr, of course, is the land of gay porn and hot men, and it seems like every single hot male model I fell in love with is from Brazil. I mean, just look at them!

Bernardo Patriota Twins
So I would joke with Monica, “There must be so many hot men on every corner, how do you even walk down the street without running into one?”

“Of course I bump into them all the time,” she’d reply, “and they follow me home and beat down my door every single day. It’s so exhausting.”

When people think of Brazil, they think of beautiful models, thong bikinis, Rio, and Carnaval. I know I did. After meeting and getting to know Monica, there’s so much more to discover, and that’s the Brazil I want to see. I want to meet the friendly people like her, the people who welcome tourists from other countries with open arms, who don’t care if you don’t speak one word of Portuguese; they are just happy to help. I want to see the beautiful beaches that only the locals know about, the clubs and restaurants that are off the beaten path.

I would love to go to Brazil because I have a native, a friend, to show me her favorite places, her favorite restaurants, her favorite things to do. To me, that’s the absolute best way to experience an unfamiliar place, to get the most flavor out of an experience like travel to an exotic, foreign country. I’m so lucky to have a friend like Monica in my life, and next summer she will show me her country, and I feel sure I will love it as much as I love her.

And of course, any hot male models we bump into on the street will just be a bonus.


2 thoughts on “Brazil, Friendship…and Hot Men

  1. Can you take pictures again? Like lots of pictures. Especially of the men. 😉

    So my dream vacation tends to take people by surprise, followed immediately with ‘that sounds like so much fun!’. Anyway, my dream vacation is to go to Costa Rica and volunteer with a Sea Turtle organization for a week or two or more.


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